Matt Will Show You How To Find The Deal, Perform Due Diligence, Underwrite The Deal, Negotiate, Close The Deal & More.


See Behind The Scenes How To Structure Monster 8-Figure Deals (The Same Process Matt Uses, Works For Any Size Loan).


Discover The Secret Strategies I Use Investing Millions Into Real Estate And Doubling My Money Within The First Year.

What You'll Receive...


Real Estate Investment Blueprint 

Discover the exact system that I use to build a real estate empire worth millions of dollars (build your portfolio in record time).

7 Day Quick Start Guide

I’ll give you direct instructions on what you should be working on everyday from start to finish to leap ahead and purchase profitable real estate deals.

Persuasive Cold Calling Scripts 

The exact playbook our entire team uses when calling property owners, real estate brokers, financial institutions, banks and equity investors (these scripts have produced results worth tens of MILLIONS of dollars).

Multifamily Resource Vault

Get access to dozens of real estate resources that will help you find, purchase, finance and manage your real estate (we have spent millions testing and perfecting this model).

Access Matt's Real Estate System Everywhere...

Once you join you'll have access to the program from any device such as a computer or even your smartphone or tablet. Take the system on the go with you and have it in your back pocket.

Why Purchase Mattโ€™s TGO Blueprint

You will learn countless strategies and a complete formula that is setup to give you the best chance of success for building and scaling a Multifamily Real Estate Portfolio (See Exactly How I Do It).

If I had all of this information in one spot back when we started scaling our portfolio, we would have created more success faster (learn the system, save time and avoid all of the painful and expensive mistakes).

Matt Will Teach You The Following...

  • Learn how to find the best deals that give you all your money back within the first year of ownership (most first time investors make this mistake on their deals) 
  • Watch live as Matt communicates with sellers, brokers, banks and investors to structure HUGE multimillion dollar deals
  • See how to finance real estate deals to maximize your ROI (I’ll share 1 tip that will save you tens of thousands at the closing of your next deal)
  • Discover the powerful strategies for negotiating deals to achieve the best price, MAXIMIZING your upside and making the deal a no brainer
  • Learn the number 1 document you need to submit to the seller quickly, with the most competitive terms, that increase your odds of winning the deal (You will LOSE THE DEAL if you do this step wrong)
  • Watch how we add value to our properties to multiply our equity and skyrocket the value (Most investors miss this step and never grow)
  • One strategy that I use like clockwork on every property to increase the value by 10% on day 1 of ownership (An easy strategy to add $100,000s)
  • How to look at a property and tell whether it's a winner or loser within 10 minutes of looking at it (This will save you time, aggravation and thousands of dollars in legal fees)

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Sign up for TGO Blueprint to see behind the scenes and learn our internal process that we train our team with everyday to find off-market deals, make calls to property owners and quadruple our real estate portfolio in record time. These real estate investment secrets are worth millions and have never been exposed!

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RE Investment Blueprint - $2,104

7 Day Quick Start Guide - $197

Persuasive Cold Calling Scripts - $197

Multifamily Resource Vault  - $497

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